Ball gel


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What date is it? Has senility set in early and it's really April 1st or did I really just see an advert on the television from Boots selling below the belt grooming products for men?
Not only is this product advertised it goes on to say 'for fresh and dry balls'!


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Apparently and I stand to be corrected, there is research that putting talc on your bits men and women can lead to medical problems and may be cancers. I was told the leading famous talc manufacturer is the subject of legal action and of course while these new products have appeared it seems to me ones for talc have disappeared.

mel b3

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i saw it for the first time last night , it was a very surprising thing to see on the telly lol.


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Is this ball gel a complimentary product to knacker laquer? The product that gives luster to your cluster


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By ekk!! The men aren't men no more,

what happened to a bic orange, and a bit of it stinks( Lynx)


.there is obviously a market for this stuff, the young uns of today want to look like ruff men, the preening gay lords, (beards and lumber jack shirts etc etc)

but don't actually act like men and do man stuff,

give me me a break lol