Ballistic Apps on Smartphones


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I use "Shooter". It's a simplified version of Applied Ballistics, still written by Brian Litz. Still has all the bullet libraries with Bryan's tested BC and length data for many bullets, still has spin drift, coriolis, latitude and azimuth. Just does it all in a less complicated, more user friendly way than Applied Ballistics. Downloads weather station data automatically. Automated measurement of heading and angle of shot through the phone. I have used it out to 1000 meters and it has performed flawlessly.


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I tried this and it's ok, but support from Bryan Litz is very poor. Feedback is just ignored, whereas Igor at Strelok Pro will reply within the day if you raise a query. Regards JCS

Same again. I have Strelok Pro and every question I've asked or reticle to be added has been done within 24hrs.


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I've used Shooter for years now. It uses the same calculation model as the more expensive Applied Ballistics. The bullet library is not updated much anymore but the newer stuff can be entered manually. Simple interface, easy to learn and use. My main method, FWIW, is to generate drop tables for my rifle/ammo combinations, export them to Excel, edit to remove some of the info and then print out and tape to the side of my stocks.



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....My main method, FWIW, is to generate drop tables for my rifle/ammo combinations, export them to Excel, edit to remove some of the info and then print out ....

This is what I do too, I generate a compact table in Excel of the ranges and winds I expect to be shooting in. I also keep some notes in Word of the mistakes I've made with data entry and things to look out for while using Strelok Pro.

Thanks JCS


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Strelok for me too, mind you it was way out last week, then realised id forgot to change the temp from 29 to 70.
So user error,


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Took the plunge myself two weeks ago and got Strelok Pro. Plenty of reviews out there. Only played with it so far to 300m but has been spot on so far. The more accurate data you put in the more accurate the results are.

Interface is is pretty self explanatory. Just need to reload some more rounds now to push it further


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Check out the new Hornady 4DOF
Use this too for the Hornady ELD-X. Set it all up, export to Excel, make a compact table as others have said and have inserted it in the back of my phone. Phone then sits up against the pack so I can see it easily all the time without having to move off the rifle, which I did need to do when it was taped on the stock and that would upset me.
The drops are almost identical to Strelock Pro, which is on the phone. With the 6.5 there’s 0.1 MRAD difference from 400m. That might bother a comp shooter but for me its still highly likely to be a dead goat. For windage, I use an anemometer held perpendicular to the point of aim, and I’ll use Strelock if I have time. Otherwise I work it out in my head with the 6.5mm windage equation.