Ballistic turrets- standard compensation factors to switch from using 168gr .308?

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Hi all,
Can I ask for your wisdom please...

I have a Meopta ZD 3-12x50 w/ ballistic turrets which feature twin vertical scales- a) distance (in 25m intervals from 100-425m) based on .308 168gr and b) clicks (.5 MOA)- my preference is for the distance scale utilised alongside a range finder.

I would like to have the flexibility to use rounds between 110gr and 168gr- so...
a) I could potentially get turret dials made up for the other weights (question- anybody had any experience with Kenton Industries please?), or
b) before incurring more expense I wondered if anybody knew of a simple set of rules for correcting please
eg: on the standard 168gr based turret dial, if using 110gr- deduct 35% of the range

I appreciate there can be a world of difference between manufacturer loads/ranges, but I'm after some simple "rules of thumb" with which to start testing on the range please.

Thanks in advance- and apologies if this has already been a previous topic, I couldn't find one when I looked.

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unfortunately i dont think any standard rules of thumb would apply.. I liked the idea of getting turrets made for my rifle but its difficult to get done, expensive and also not very flexible. What i had done was (using excel and someone who is very good with it!!) a ballistic wrap made, which ok is a little 'botch em and leggit'. It works like a dream..


What i would say is go and shoot your rifle at all of the different ranges and gather that data opposed to chasing figures on ballistic calculators. I found that the calculators are great as a ballpark and cant be relied upon until they are verified. ie physically shooting at that range..


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over the past 2yrs ive had 2 different sets of turrets make for me by kenton industries.
providing you give good info over the phone the turrets seem to be spot on.


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Why not just print out a little drop chart?
print another one when the ammo changes.
Shoot a lot and you'll know it off by heart in a short while.
My drop charts are made up for m or yds and cm or moa clicks.
Some are m and 1/4" clicks.


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I'm with the flyingfisherman, shoot a group at each range and produce your own drop charts. It's what I always do.

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I have made up an XL spreadsheet to convert ballistic data to make it usable on the Meopta 3-12 Tactic for .270 130gn and .308 150gn. It should work for any rounds as long as you have accurate speed and BC. PM me and I will e-mail you copy and highlight some of the issues. It will put you in the ballpark ,but it is still best to confirm on the range though.




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Hi all,
thank you all for your comments- trial and well documented error it is by the look of things!
Somebody truly is good on Excel flyingfisherman!
Bob- thank you, that's good to know, I'll give a home grown solution a go first and bear that it mind.

Stew, thank you, that would be great please... (PM inbound)- that will definitely get me in the ballpark sooner on the range and save me some ammo.



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Geoff, if you use moa for your elevation and print out drop charts with moa adjustments for your loads, you can save your dollars and not have to change your turrets.
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