Ban on Hunting Knives/ bring in a knife licence

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It was published in certain newspaers today that our government intends to tighten up on knife possesson, including banning hunting knives.
I am never without my knife when shooting, and am lost without it.

This will adversely affect fisherman shooters and some workmen.

Why not have a knife licence, I mean I don't need to stab someone, I have four rifles and a shotgun.
If my character is good enough to be entrusted with centerfire rifles, why can I not carry my knife in it's sheath in a public place as I can my firearms..
There was a case last year of a fisherman who was prosecuted and fined for having a filleting knife in his car. This guy was on his way home from a days fishing.
I propose that firearms holders should be allowed to hold knives for the purposes of their sport, and the licence to hold one should be part of their FAC or SGC


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Good call! Another attempt my our nanny state to wrap us up in cotton wool! :evil:
They don't screen car owners but anyone with a driving license and car could easily kill/injure more people than someone with a knife! Where's the logic in that? perhaps only those with an FAC should be allowed a drinving would certainly ease the traffic problems and reduce my drive to work!! :lol:


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its all a load of bollocks!! :evil:
people like ourselves who use knives for the purpose they were produced for should not have to justify ourselves, its the likes of the mindless hoodies who roam the streets 'tooled up' that they should be targeting.
the way i see it if you are carrying a knife and cannot justify why, then off to the nick you go.....simple as!!
as far as liscensing goes, everyone knows that if you want to purchase a weapon of any kind, there will always be ways and means on the black market!! liscense in the world will stop it!!!!


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Got to agree with Duggers its all bollocks again. Its the knife carrying little ****s with hoods on that need seeing to, not legitimate law abiding people going about their day to day business.

Look at the F--k up the Police make at present over FA licencing, can you imagine if they took knives on board as well. :rolleyes:

The law should be strengthened so that any youth of up to 21 carrying a knife should be prosecuted, and if they are over 16 put them into the armed services to straighten them out or bring back Borstal schools. :evil:


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I hope the cops dont look in my Landy

2 x 4" fixed blade knife above the sun visor
1 hunting ax in the side door
1 large splitting ax on the back seat
1 7x64 rifle above the dog box
1 hunting knife +2 S-hooks in the roe sack
1 lock pen knife on my belt.

I suppose to avoid legal problems I could have the stuff Fed Ex'd to the woods before dawn.

A checked with a friend who is a copper and he had a locking blade Leatherman with 3" blade on his belt so he was breaking the law as well :rolleyes:


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As usual the government beating us up in the desire to be 'seen to be doing something' attempting to please the masses who equate anyone who owns a gun/knife to a nutter.

Same old story I am afraid. The worst thing is that even after travesties like Dublane and the banning of pistols, and the total lack of impact that had we still get this crap forced on us.

The politicians are not interested if it will work or save lives, they just want to prolong their miserable careers as long as possible, by token gestures that just so happen to **** off a load of people that wont vote for them anyway (us).


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Will someone please tell me what's going to happen in every kitchen in the country if this nonsense comes in?


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I suppose what I was leaning towards was, licensing the knife holder to carry a knife, not licence the knife itself.

A stalker needs his knife, and so do bushcraft instructor.

I am pro knife user, but what are we going to do to avoid them taking our tools of the trade of us.

licensed users seem to be the only way, unless someone has a better idea.
Please feel free to open the discussion, lets chew the fat.


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There is undoubtedly a problem with a certain group within society who see it as some sort of right of passage to carry a knife. There is within this group a small number who are prepared to use these knives in order to reinforce their place within this sub group. It is just the same with firearms, people who use them to make themselves look big and important, the criminal element. Then there is the mentally unstable who can come from any section of society who will use a gun or knife to commit all sorts of atrocities, Dunblane.

The way the Government make up for their own shortcomings is to, almost immediately, ban or place constricting circumstances under which these items can be possessed or used. If it were me then I think a large promotional campaign to point out to the public that it is the person not the gun or knife that is doing wrong. I would also point out in the same promotion that offenders would be treated to extremely HARSH punishment, something of a corporal nature would do no harm, foreign nationals would be deported immediately following their harsh sentence.

Of course the Government would not promote this idea but I do believe the support they would get would quite surprise them. I for one would support a Government that took such a line. I cannot see why it should cost the tax paying law abiding public to imprison these people in comfort. I always thought a custodial sentence was a punishment, it seems this punishment includes, colour TV and all sorts of electronic niceties, en suite cell facilities, comprehensive health plan and as much education as they can manage. Plus at all times being well fed and clothed. How can they step outside the rules and then be protected and cosseted by rules introduced by the same Government.

As I understand it now if an elderly person is in need of medication that involves residential care, they have to pay, even if it means selling their homes. Do we now recommend that people in this position now commit crime as prison would certainly look after them.

So you see it is easier for the Government to make a big show of banning what is in the news at the time, rather then fixing the problem.

Diversionary tactics, it seems to work every time. :(

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