Ban on lead ammunition ruled out: BASC statement

I imagine that must be pretty much the last thing Liz Truss will do in that job!

11.34: she's just turned up in Downing Street! Lucky she got that one in the post yesterday...
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Thanks David BASC

I see Chris Packham is boycotting shops that sell grouse (M & S):cry:

and Liz Truss is the New Justice Secretary, thanks for signing the letter before you left;)
Ladies and gentlemen, Liz Truss' successor at the Environment is....

ANDREA LEADSOM! She even has lead in her name. Is this a good thing, a bad thing, or an indifferent thing? No idea.

David BASC

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We have already taken CP to task on this and we have been widely quoted in the national press today. Timing is great, CP says the meat is toxic and 24 hours later DEFRA and the FSA confirm its not!!!


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Toxic. Right so why have we not seen hundreds if not thousands of people die then?? Where do they get this information from, toy town??

I would rather use a soft nose bullet than the hollow point ones. I know they have improved a great deal over the years, but having seen what the early Barnes X bullets did on Red deer in Scotland some years back, I would stick with expanding lead bullets every day.


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Where do they get this information from, toy town??
I suspect in CP's case, the amount of lead per bird presented might have been correct; but that the chemical and physical state of the lead with respect to risk of toxicity was not taken into account.