Bargains to be had if you buy online in the EU zone

Erik Hamburger

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Some of you may be interested in saving 20-25% on equipment such as Thermal Viewers, Scopes, NV and other high-value equipment. In particular products manufactured within the Eurozone are now very good value if purchased from a retailer in the Eurozone. Most have online payment facilities making the process quick and easy, just like buying a product online in the UK.

If you are interested in a Thermal Viewer/Camera this SD thread may be of interest to you: Importing a Thermal viewing device within the EU.

I have purchased my rifle scopes online from the USA for years, and always get a very fast and excellent service, at a discount of 20-30% - even after taking into account Import Duty and Shipping to the UK.
A recent PM I had from another member of SD showed you can even buy rifles abroad - in his case a Merkel Helix rifles plus spares- and he had them delivered to his UK address, all legally, without using a RFD - saving £2,000 (!) compared to buying from a UK retailer who just wouldn't compromise on the OTT price he was demanding.

I would conclude by suggesting that if you are a professional stalker and use the equipment daily, I recommend you buy it from a UK supplier and have the peace-of-mind of fast back-up and service, but pay way-over the top.
However, if you are a recreational user and would like to save 20-25% on a piece of kit (scopes, NV, Thermal, Bino's, even rifles!) that costs thousands, contact your retailer and ask for a big discount, quote at what price you can buy it elsewhere, and give them the opportunity to price-match or at least meet you halfway.
If they are not prepared to price-match or compromise, or don't reply, take your business elsewhere.


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Erik, i looked last week at buying a new Pulsar HD50S and after search i found a company in the Netherlands that sold it £800 less than the cheapest here,
I was a bit suspicious it was so cheap, so i contacted them and the price was right and it was recorded delivery for 20 euros so i will be ordering one at the end of the month.