Barking Dog


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Hi all

I need some advice.
I did some tracking with my fox terrier yesterday, laid a trail through thick reed bed cover with a change of direction, across open ground over a drain and into some black thorn, only 300 yards but he was on it like a shot, very satisfying to watch. Now how do I get him to bark when he's found it?



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Using you tracking line put a treat (whatever you like) on a deer skin @ the end of the trail.
Once the tracking exercise is 99% complete hold the dog back on the line just out of reach of the treat. When the dog barks reward it.



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Terriers are normally quite willing to bark unless they are trying to devour it!!!!
I try and get them barking at dead deer early on , keep a deer head in the freezer and mit it a game and tease them with it and get them excited they'll soon get into barking ,
Marh's idea will def. work , hadn't heard of that one before , with terriers it's usually stopping them barking that's the problem :eek: :eek: :eek:


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Ok, I'll try all of the above when I've got something to drag for him. Here's hoping, it's amazing how fast he gets onto the scent and just goes, all I need is the bark!