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Hi All,

Hoping for a bit of advise. Found a dead barn owl yesterday while driving home and after having a look at it, it is nearly pristine minus a broken wing in one place. It was only just above freezing where I found it and looked to still have rigor mortise so wasn't that long dead. Wasn't sure if I wanted to get the thing mounted or not but as my girlfriend has a love of owls, I don't think she would appreciate a dead one in the house!

Is there any process I need to go through for having one of these and as I'm not going to do anything with it does anyone know of someone who may want it for a project? Free of charge of course.



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No special process as far as I know, but if it's ringed I'd give the Barn Owl Trust an email to let them know? I think there's a way to tell form the ring if it's privately-owned and there's a body you can inform that can contact the owner. I don't know the details though, sorry. Ideally you'd need evidence that it was found dead, too (phone pic of where you picked it up would do), and you'll need to use a DEFRA-registered taxidermist if you want it mounted :thumb:


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If it was ringed, with a split ring (ie one that was closed on the leg with pliers) then record the BTO ring number and report it to them. if it has a closed ring, in other words one that was slipped over the foot while it was a chick which cant physically be removed then it will be a privately owned bird and courtesy would suggest you contact them, but nothing more.
If you want to get it mounted, the taxidermist will cover any legalities for you, but what I wouldn't do, personally is hold onto it for ages while you make your mind up. you can just imagine it being discovered by the wrong person and you'll have a lot of questions to answer, probably surrounding your use of firearms etc...... technically nothing to worry about, assuming it was hit by a car and you haven't just found a poisoned or shot bird by the roadside..... but I'd just be a bit cautious where protected species are concerned.


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You are fine to hold it in a freezer. Any taxidermist will require a written letter signed by you saying it is your property and that he is only charging for materials and labour. You will not be able to sell it or offer for sale without a licence.


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Thanks for all the replies. To be honest i would look to give it to someone willing to do something with it. Seems a shame to waste it in such good condition. May have an ask around for someone local. Doesnt have any rings or tags that i can see.


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Invest the money and get it mounted.

On the way home from a morning's stalking one day I found a dead tawny owl that had been hit by a car. It now sits in sitting room watching everything that goes on.

I've spent many happy hours looking at the plumage - you start to realise why they are one of the most efficient avian predators.

Your barn owl with an unfortunate end, through no fault of yours, but that doesn't mean its beauty can't still be appreciated for years to come.