Barnes Tipped Triple Shock X Bullets

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I have had really excellent results with TSX - the ones that were recovered from Eland and Kudu showed classic deformation and killed well.

I have witnessed a frontal, quartering shot on a Roe that with any other soft point would have turned the gralloch to mush. The TSX zipped straight through with only a nick in the rumen to show it's passing.

Very very impressed.

Unlike the older X bullets - copper fouling does not seem a major problem.

Rgds Ian


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Have I missed something here? It says in Shooting Sports magazine that they cost £30 for twenty MRX, which I can safely say rules them firmly out for me!
A few years ago I looked at buying a box of tx but they were twice the price of nosler ballistic tips,so I didn't bother!


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I do not know for sure but the MRX is a different bullet again in that it has a plastic tip just as the tipped TSX but has a central core not of copper but of tungsten. I would suspect that these are more expensive again. I myself have been contemplating using the Tipped TRX in my 7mm Rem Mag. I currently use 120 B,tips loaded down to around 2950fps but the meat damage on roe is unacceptable although they are producing 0.5 inch groups from a 700 bdl that has had the action glass bedded and the barrel fully floated with the added weight of the moderator there is relativley light recoil. Therefor I would like to continue using the lighter bullet but would like to find one that does less initial impact damage.
I have been thinking about the tipped TSX for a while as I like the lack of deformation in the magazine with the plastic tips but have been waiting until I could find an objective (believable) report on them.



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Barnes TSX work great, accurate with minimal meat damage regardless of impact velocity.
I am currently using 140g tsx (not tipped tsx) in my remmie 7RM and would be reluctant to use anything else. So far have shot 5 or so roe with complete satisfaction - far less meat damage than my 308 with 150g softpoints.



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For my pennyworth, I tried the old X bullets a few years back and whilst they performed well, accuracy was not all it should be. I have recently tried them again in the TTSX and wow what a difference. I am now a complete convert. Yes they do cost a bit more, but the trade off in accuracy and lack of meat damage more than compensates. I use a 120gr in my 7RM and this gives me a very flat shooter out to any sane range, and the 100gr in my 6.5 x 55 has transformed it into a very efficient deer culling machine. On the range I regularly get ragged holes from both rifles. (By the way no custom rifles just Pro-hunters).
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