Barrel blue


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Hi Guys

Any one out there recomend a good DIY blue-ing. As i would like to touch up a few place's on my old rimmy that have been worn away over the years i also have an old webly .410 i would like to tidy up a bit

Any thoughts


Andy L

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I have used Birchwood casey perma-blue on an old 410 and it was great. I wire wooled it all down first and then gave it about 8 or so coats. Fantastic stuff.

Bandit Country

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Agree with Andy. Birchwood Super Blue. Did an old Winchester Model 37 and it came up a treat.

As Andy said, you will get a better result if you wire wool the whole thing and do it all, rather than try and do a few blobs. It takes longer but you get a more even finish. I tried to touch in a couple of blood spots on my B80 S/A and it doesn't blend in at all.


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Hi Joe,

I think I have some of that stuff that I never got around to using. If I find it you can have it mate. ;)