Barrel Length .22 and .17HMR

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On the point of buying a new CZ .22 and puzzled. Is the shorter barrel version as accurate to, say 100m. as the longer length? Its certainly easier to carry around with a mod. on in the field.
I'm shooting rabbit. Which model should I go for? I'm sure the synthetics are every bit as good as wood stocked, but I like quality and luckily can afford it at my time of life. Tempted by a Commemorative model with fluted barrel.
Any tips? Should I get a trigger mod from the start?

ian 243

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hi i like the long one and i put a parkerhale on my cz and get a trigger kit.i got shorter barrel one as well .i still like the long one


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Short barrel all day long can still shoot rabbits out to two hundred with the meters with the 17hmr
yours Martyn.
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I would also go for a short barrel, esp if ur doing any vehicle work out the window. Shorter the better.

If ur shooting rabbits with subs (22) u won't notice the difference the majority should be 40-70m away (althou i wouldn't be shooting rabbits at 200m thou) and far nicer ppointable and better to handle esp with a mod on.

I bought a 2nd hand 17hmr recently and it has a 19" barrel which is not long, but it will be getting chopped very shortly seems massive compared to my other rifles

As for the commeertavie rifle for me a 22 or 17 is just a tool it gets looked after, but it'll still get knocked about on bike/pick up, so i wouldn't waste my money on fancy engraving or that (but thats my opinion, nothing aggainst folk wanting a nice rifle) also possibly a fluted barrel will make no difference other than looks, certainly not in a 22 atleast (possibly more benfical in 17hmr? but i'm sure somone more knowledgable will put me right), as barrel rarely heats up that much to affect accuracy


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Not forgetting to make sure it is cut to a length that does not disturb the barrel harmonics to middle of the compensation wave...[ thread on this not too long ago]..after you have added a mod...a very good custom gunsmith will know about this.


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Hi blaven, I've got an anschutz 1417 with a 14 inch barrel and I reckon its great. Plenty accurate enough and the trigger is really good. I don't find that the short barrel has compromised in any way. In fact, even hyper velocity .22's have chrono'd as fast and often faster than than manufacturers claim.


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Not to dissuade you but my Anschutz was chopped to 14 inches and now it shoots a pattern like my shotgun!
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The crown is perfect and the job was done by my regular smith so no complaints there.

I have heard this a few time about Annie's, mine was a proper 1517 with a factory 14 inch barrel, shot great.
It is said the annie barrels are mildly choked, which would explain your issue.
My CZ .22 on the other hand started as an unthreaded 22 inch version, it has been many lengths now, and has shot the same
no matter the length provided the crown is good, it's final chop and thread job was to 12 .2 inches, now the best and most useful it has ever been.

Neil. :)


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My bud has a CZ 16" from factory and that shoots fine out to 100m. My old Sako Quad in 22lr and 22wmr were both chopped to 14.5" and they too were smack on at that distance and further. If the work is good then you shouldn't have a problem :)