Barrel Temperature


What’s everyone’s view on Barrel temperatures? Can excessively high temps damage a barrel? Withstanding that accuracy may be significantly impacted until cool, I’m taking long term.

I have a hunting rifle that I’m now using for load development (wasn’t the original intention). It’s got pretty hot today as I was focusing on Chrony results more than MOA. Hot as in uncomfortable to keep a hold of!


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Heat = Erosion so the hotter you get the barrel the faster will be the consequences.
Depends how long you want your barrel to last.
Best not to heat the barrel excessively...allow it to cool properly, then go again.
The hotter it gets, the longer it takes to cool, especially during summer months.


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The kind of heat that is responsible for erosion is only present on actually firing the round. But the steel will not retain these extreme temperatures for longer than seconds, it at all. This means, regardless of whether there are 10 seconds or half an hour between shots, this will not have an influence on erosion. Only the shot count as such has (all other things equal). We're not talking about a machine gun here.

The heat you can feel when touching the barrel is technically neglectable in terms of barrel wear. So I wouldn't worry.


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Hot steel is less prone to fire cracking but possibly higher mechanical & chemical wear. Not sure about chrono results out of a hot chamber/barrel.

I did a bit of groups testing two days ago and was astonished about the barrel not getting as warm or hot as other barrels I had. The barrel was well bead blasted and sprayed in flat matt black. In theory thin matt painted black surface should improve cooling by 25% which might be the reason. I ask myself why competition shooters don't matt black spray their barrels?


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As the owner of a 25.06 I shot groups slowly when developing loads and still shoot slowly when doing any kind of range work in the hope of allowing the temperature of the barrel throat to dissipate (a bit) before subjecting it to another toasting from the next round! I fire a round, eject fired case and leave bolt open for a few seconds before loading the next, can't do any harm and hopefully extend a short barrel life a little.