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I have just had a long talk with a senior Basc official regarding some of the comments on this website.
Some of the questions that were going to be raised at the AGM have already been answered.
Q why does membership not contact members that leave.
A. I was informed that they do, they make contact by e-mail and send out reminders and there is a feed back form enclosed..
Q. why did basc not get involved with the incident regarding LACCS and the deer that were allegdedly being mistreated/mal nourished..
A.It was a Basc member that sent the video in to Basc and they inturn contacted Ben Bradshaw MP with the complaint..

Something that we both agreed on is that although Basc has a press and media dept and a website, (which i must confess that i have only visited a few times)that the message and work that they do is not getting across.
The fact that I have had this conversation shows that the websites are an important media and a way to get the message across,and i will be asking that we work with these sites to get the work that is being done,seen and unseen into the limelight..



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Well done Griff and thank you. We have a long way to go, but hopefully both BASC and its members are at least on the same path and moving forward.


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I like the idea of the BASC spreading word of their work via a website network. If they were to post on a site, ours for the sake of argument, then the word would spread quickly. It would not be a problem to have a dedicated BASC forum where they could publish their articles, then members could contact the BASC site if they want to pursue the subject. Other sites would very quickly become aware of this service and subscribe to it.

I for one in many years of BASC membership have rarely visited their website, this in itself goes a long way to my thinking of the BASC as little more than an insurance provider. With a news distribution network the membership would quickly become aware of developments within and various initiatives being undertaken by BASC. Surely it would be a win win situation.

A good idea Griff, go for it.



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One of the BASC chaps, David Ilsley posts frequently on the Pigeon Watch forums and takes a fair bit of stick to be honest. But he makes the point of coming back to answers questions. (I think he is in marketing).

I have invited him to the Shooting Community Site in the past but he has not had the time to join other sites at the moment.


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There is a section on the Wildfowling Forum where all the BASC press releases are posted by one of their staff. Most of them are not directly related to wildfowling but it does give the forum members an idea of the output from the organisation.


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I am sorry guys I will really take some convincing that this particular outfit are worth supporting.. I will not repeat my previous comments as I think it will just be counter productive in the current climate.
I can only congratulate Swampy and Griff for there sterling efforts, I truly hope your endeavours are rewarded.
Unfortunately the way these guys operate is all to clear to me, with the March and Shoot instead of saying wow what a worthy cause, it was well how many are members of the BASC , well there is one very ex-member here.
If they actually do come through and help out fine, I may even re-consider my decision to cease renewing my membership.
However I really will not be holding my breath ..

David BASC

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Hi All,

Yes I do work for BASC and yes my job is marketing & membership services. Here to help if I can, but please understand I can't answer questions on stalking directly, not my area - but will always try to get a good answer for you.

Web - I am just starting a re-vamp of the BASC site- the new one will go live next Spring.

Do we always get our message across? No, far from it- we need to improve here!

Could / should we improve our customer service- no doubt! Just look at some of the comments on this forum. Having said that any business that says it does not need to improve customer service is on a slippery slope in my opinion.

We do not mean to let anyone down or appear distant, huffy, or just in if for ourselves- and sorry if any of you have ever felt this way.

Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!