Basc Arran stalking scheme

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Stag week 1
Total of 9 stags shot for the week.
biggest stag was shot by Sanjar & Karen a cracking 14 pointer and weighed 130kgs hung up in the larder there was also a 12 pointer shot by Roy & Nigel a father and son team from Ireland.There was the usual run of spikers weighing in at around 70kgs each..
The weather was absolutely atrocious, with heavy rain and low cloud for Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday brightened up and 6 stags were shot for that day, Thursday saw a return of drizzle and low cloud which put paid to most of the stalking, quite a few decided that they would let their hair down on Thursday night and were somewhat delicate on Friday morning.
Will keeep you posted on the following weeks..
I do have pictures but don,t know how to post them!

On a more sombre note, it appears that no one has taken up the offer of from Basc for stalking on Arran which is currently being offered on the March and Shoot auction..






Photo's posted as promised, you just need to add any captions and remove my blurb - John
Bob Logan


Might be because it was for BASC members only . PS how many are out stalking each day and do they get to keep what they shoot.


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Thanks for that Griff keep us posted.

E-mail me the picture and I will post them for you if you like.


Chris S

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im a basc member and quite facied that but the dsc1 put me off and many others i would have thought


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I am also a BASC member but have not done dsc1 so was a bit disapointed not to ba able to bid :(
I see somebody has bid a tenner tonight for one of them, I would of bid more but there you go.
It would of been good if they would of allowed these two auctions to been accompanied by the guys on arron so we could of all had a bid. I await the incoming.


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Missed out there didn't we. I didn't even follow these auctions due to the BASC membership part of it. I may of joined just to get cheap stalking but I really dont like being a hypocrite. :confused:

I am afraid not everyone is a fan of BASC.


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arran stalking

same reply as most of you guys basc member but not done level one so couldent bid shame really i think both would have made good money for the m and s


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I was on that week as a stalker- one of the unlucky ones! I enjoyed the week even so and as ever learnt something.

BASC have provided shooting for their members at a reasonable cost and there are no trophy fees. If you are not a member then they don't mind if you only join to get the shooting.

The point about having to have DSC1 is, I believe, part of the forestry lease conditions and there is little that can be done about that, it at least means that the guns should know the basics about safety, the constant practice of which is the most important aspect of all.

The guys running it on the ground, Griff and Bob Logan were excellent. They know their stuff and did their best to give people as much chance as possible to get a stag. They also worked hard and late into the night to extract beasts to ensure they were in the best condition for the larder. Bob Logan also had a very interesting encounter when recovering a stag which I'm sure he would be delighted to tell you about sometime so I won't steal his thunder!

Saying that it's down to you to find the beasts, stalk and shoot them and if you can't accept that challenge then don't go. The weather wasn't great but like the beasts you can talk about it, predict it, but you can't controll it.

Everyone I spoke to enjoyed it although some had some grumbles but there are always whingers and you can't please all of the people all of the time. ( you just have to look at some of the threads on this and every other forum).

As I said earlier I enjoyed it and will be back and so will my mate who shot a spiker!



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Stag week 2
On stag week 1 there were indications that the rut was finally getting going, although the weather was miserable there was a distinct autumnal feel about it.
That all changed on Mon, the weather broke bathing the island in glorious sunshine with temperatures to match. The rut vanished instantly, although there was some roaring, little moved and the hinds which were seen on all the beats were feeding as per normal.
The national trust had a deer survey on the Northern part of the Island and came across 80 stags in one of the corries that were quite content with each others indication that the rut had not kicked off.
The week started off with two in the bag straight away but died instantly after with the increase in temperature.Dribs and drabs followed with a total of 6 for the week.
Hopefully we will get some cold northerlies or an easterly to drop the temperatures kick start the rut and get rid of these damned midges!



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Hi Griff. That 14 pointer is an old wood stag by the looks, very heavy beams, but loosing it at the top. That would have been a cracking stag about 2 years back, although its still a very nice head for a Scottish Stag, one happy bunny there to shoot that I am sure.

Sorry we had no takers on the BASC Arron donation. It was very generous of you/BASC to offer it for a very worthy cause. Unfortunatly having to be a member of BASC and have Level 1 probably put some folk off, but we do appreciate the offer made by you. It was made in the right spirit and as I have said for a very worthwhile cause.

Hope the rest of your season goes well, I am off this weekend and then back for two days before spending nearly a month with clients and friends stalking in Scotland. Hope to see and hear more of the season you have had on my return.



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Stag week 3
Already been said, wet, very wet and exceedingly wet!
Four stags shot three to Robert H who put in an exceptional amount of mileage, and to be quite honest and not take anything away from Roberts acheivment most of them committed suicide, by walking across the ride just when he was there.
Roaring was down to a few muffled grunts and seems to have slowed to a stop,the weather is quite warm and rain in abundance.

stag week 4
RAIN! no surprise there!
Roaring seems to have picked up with most beats hearing extensive roaring in the morning,upto press 4 stags have been shot with Peter Shooting a 12 pointer on the morning of his 50th birthday.. Wednesday was the first day that it didn't rain and three of the four fell that morning, the hinds seem to be gathering into larger groups a sign that they are being gathered up by the stags..
The weather is changing as I type and the forecast is abyssmal, so not holding out a lot of hope..

Total 25 stags for now! Only one stag was rutted and the rest have been clean with none of the smell associated with the rut.



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well done griff,and well done peter on your cracking stag on your 50th birthday,time for another yet boys speak to you when you get back.

Tikka 7mm

Good evening all.

We were there for the last week of the stags, myself and 3 friends. There were 16 stalkers making up the group for the last week. It is very well organised however it is becoming overshot. Within our group of 4 we managed 2 good stags a 13 and 14 pointer. I think that there were 3 other beasts shot during the week, 2 very good heads and one spiker. You do have to graft for your animals though, we were out before dawn and returning after dusk. A few of the guy's within the larger group were disappointed with the lack of deer but after speaking to them some had barely touched the edges of their beats and seemed to expect to sit in a high seat or at a wallow and the deer will come to them. Whether this was a lack of understanding or experience I do not know. Perhaps if some of the guy's are struggling a bit more input from Neil & Bob wouldn't go a miss ? There was a discussion at the end of the week and it is possible that they will extend the beats and reduce the stalker numbers in subsequent years. The deer are active before dawn and then go quiet and hide up during the day. On our beat I was able to get good responses from roaring but as soon as there was a hint of daylight silence !

In summary I had a very enjoyable week and I was able to shoot my first decent stag.

You get out what you put in !

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