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I am considering applying for a week at the hinds through the BASC Arran scheme, but while there are plenty of threads discussing SD members experience of a week at the stags I haven't come across any about the hinds.

If anyone has taken a week at the hinds can you please tell me a bit about number of sitings, numbers on the ground, number culled, were the out on the hills or in the woods, etc.

Many thanks for taking the time to give me a bit of info.




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lots of deer...shooting them is a different story!
8 pairs of stalkers and 9 sites IIRC
mostly wooded, some with big glades and rides
one beat opens right out on the top and we saw deer up there but on the last half day
monday and friday are half days the rest are full days

IMO you should get there Saturday morning and have a good butchers around the beats closest to where you will be staying
I deliberately chose a spot on the west near blackwaterfoot as most people stay on the East near the ferry and as such will want the Eastern beats.
also spend a lot of time on Google Earth!

The successful people will be prepared to sit in a high seat and be in it before dawn and right up to dusk.
one of the few deer shot was done so by a chap who had been in the seat for 7hours!

some scans of the beats so you can have a rece:

centre of island just south of main road

East side midway down the island North and South of Blackwaterfoot IIRC

dress for swamps!
it is bloody wet!
Hi Stewarty69 it a great scheme as I have said before and well worth the money. I was on the hinds at the beginning of this year we had a cracking week although the weather was very fickle but when the sun did come out so did the deer.
I missed one shot two others and my mate had three hinds.
We saw plenty more as well. With Arran you only get out what you put in no good sitting at the bar when its raining and knowing your beat is essential so you may not do quite as well on your first trip.
​Get out there rain or shine as it only takes the rain to stop and the sun show its face for ten mins and the deer are out like a shot. This is my seventh / eighth year going and I always have the same beat so I know it fairly well by now. The week I was on there were lots of hinds seen and shot.
we have had more success on the lower ground than the high but that's been due to the weather we've had.
you will need some good sets of clothing as one set is normally drying.
The hinds are a cheap way to cut your teeth on reds and get ready for the stags that way you will have some experience of your best.
Long may the scheme continue and it's a credit to BASC and the deer team. Should you want any more info PM me


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Bewsher500 - Thanks for the info and maps - just what I was after.

Crouch Valley - Thanks for recommendation.

ATB Stewarty69