basc gamekeepers fair 12th/13th april

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basc gamekeepers fair.
are any of you thinking of going?if so perhaps we could meet up for a pint at lunch time.its not a huge layout but it seems to be improving it will be its third year at catton park near to lichfield in staffordshire.i hear beowulf and steyr243 are pole dancing at 2pm in the main arena both days :lol: im double dead now :eek:


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Im only dancing if its not windy out. The chill gets rite up my back.
Beowulf can take centre stage in his realtree thong :eek:
Count me in mate, ill be there without a doubt. i can crawl out of bed at 9am & be there for 5 mins past :D
How far is it for you Tikka :D :D


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tika.308 said:
about 30 mins away.breaking news just in stone and wadas are pole dancing live aswell :lol: :lol: :lol:
tika , you know wadas can't dance unless it's to michael jackson 'man in the mirror'
wadas you are so vain
but yes i will be going to catton park and hoping to meet up with a few members if possible


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wadas you are so sensitive :lol:
how are my highseats , i know you hav not finished them yet
don.t panic , as we disscused there is no rush my friend
just glad to see that you made it home safe and sound
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