BASC helping to get members stalking

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David BASC

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Through partnership working with the Deer Initiative, BASC’s deer dept is helping a Hertfordshire landowner find a local stalker to manage deer in his woodland. The landowner in question approached the DI for help and advice about deer management in his coppice woodland which is being heavily damaged by Muntjac.

The local Deer Liaison Officer visited the owner and advised him to find a local stalker. BASC were then asked if we had any local stalking members. From our database we were able to find 30 local stalkers, whom we emailed asking them to contact the landowner directly. The landowner will then select the person he feels most suitable.

This is yet another example of the services BASC provides to its stalking members.

If you are a BASC member and a stalker and would like to receive our electronic stalkers newsletter please email and we will add you to the mailing list


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David BASC said:
Let me know if you think there are other ways that BASC could help you guys


Next weeks Lottery Numbers???

Seriously though, good on BASC, I have emailed them. Good opportunity and positive actions from BASC for Stalking Members.



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I thought the DI was set up to identify Deer related problems and pass it on to local DMGs.
My own experience so far has been DI members moving in and frightening the life out of new farmers with stories of TB contamination and the consequences of allowing damage to anciant woodland.
Offering to put up high seats free of charge and carrying out Deer control Free of charge!!


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I didn't know that the DI had members!

Anyone who purports to represent the DI,take their Fac no and report it to the real DI.



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"I didn't know that the DI had members! "

The DI was a group of people who got together to identify Deer problems and educate farmers/land owners of the need for Deer management.
Each one of the group is a member of the group , so there you have it.
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