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I am currently with both Organisations, my BASC renewal has just come through the post.


Stick with just one?


Stick with both?



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BASC is more interactive than BDS but you have to be a covenanting member of BDS to join the Deer Group you are waiting to join!!!!!


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Tartin, It was quite a few years ago that I joined BDS but they didn't even tell me that I needed to send a stamped addressed envelope to my branch in order to receive their events program.
I did not re-new my subscription. Hopefully their communication has improved since, but felt that they were a very cliquey (spelling) bunch, probably more so than BASC.

Hope we get to meet at the CLA (Friday and Saturday). We have friends in Inverness.


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EMcC said:
BASC is more interactive than BDS but you have to be a covenanting member of BDS to join the Deer Group you are waiting to join!!!!!


I know I need to be in the BDS, just wondering peoples views on staying with BASC also, if they think it's a good/bad or indifferent idea.

£62 for the year, is it justifiable?


I did not rejoin the BDS because as a deer charity they didn't seem to into the charity side with regards BASC they let a good friend of mine down with a shooting related incident and after pay hundreds of pounds to them in subs you expect support when you need it most and they turned there back.So ask you self what you as a deer stalker get for your money .Because if you want it in case you ever need to face the law and god forbid you don't they might not be there for you. i am with SACS the reason is simple the lawyer told me they had the best legal cover.


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Funny you say that, friends of mine have just picked up the stalking rights on one of the RSPB reserves. And it was the RSPB who approached them first. Not a bad bit of ground either.


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[What most people seem to over look or ignore is that the NGO and Basc are membership based shooting organisations where as the BDS is a charity focused on the Welfare of Deer.
So the membership of the BDS cannot really be compared to the membership of either of the other 2, it is the same as asking shall I join BASC or the RSPB[/quote]

But like BASC and RSPB ! BDS likes to take as much cash off its members as it can for little return.

Who gets the most out of DSC the deer or the groups that run the training ?

I am not against training and education but the cost is prohibitive !


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And,if you are a member of 'THL' you get it even cheaper.......Martin.

p.s. they are very helpful too,unlike BASC (my own experiences).
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