Battery Chainsaw


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I only use a chainsaw to buck my annual supply of firewood, which I transport home in the truck in 5ft lengths which I’ve cut with a bow saw. The chainsaw I use is a McCulloch electric corded one, which is plenty powerful for my needs.
I’m considering getting a battery saw for taking away from the house. I’d prefer battery rather than petrol because it’s quieter and probably cheaper, plus there’s less maintenance required. Does anyone else use one and have any recommendations?


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I've got a Ryobi one plus. Lots of tools use the same battery.
As a saw it's good enough for the lighter jobs in the garden, light enough and cuts well enough but I always take the petrol Stihl to the woods.


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I have a Makita 36v top handle saw and it’s great, only this morning we were using it to trim out around a seat.
Light enough to use single handed and batteries last a good while.



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The Makitas are probably the best quality and performance you can get for the money. Husky and Stihl battery saws (the Husky is the best IMO) are more pro quality, but a lot more expensive and probably more than you need.
I know of professional hedge layers who use 36v Makitas all day. Best compromise between budget professional and top-end domestic.


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Just be aware with PPE i.e. trousers, electric chainsaws have different requirements to petrol due to the torque differences.