Bavarian mountain hound puppy names


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Ætheling - prince or lord
Aethel - noble
Æthelstan - Noble Stone
Æthelwulf - noble wolf / noble warrior
æðelcund - of noble birth
æscrôf - brave in battle,
Auslander - Outlander
dædrôf - bold in deed, valiant
daroð - spear, javellin
dræfend - hunter
fêra - comrade
hâlsigend - exorcist
hêahdêor - Stag
heaðurôf - famed in war, brave
heardecg - sharp edge
heorot - Hart, stag
Issi - short for Isambard
gædeling - comrade, companion in arms
lædan - Bringer
landælf - land elf
mêce - sword, blade
mîn lêof - my friend
nîehsta - closest friend,
Oeric - 5th-century king of Kent.
ræge - Roe deer
rôf - vigorous, strong, brave, noble, renowned.
rûmgifa - bountiful giver
Wiglaf - one who survives or endures & Beowulf's mate
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Pichkoo mate! Or any other foreign expletive so that people don't realise how often your hound is being a ****.