Bavarian Mountain Hound


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I thought about one , but after talking to people that have them i discovered they have a habit of Singing was the word i was told.
Now my neighbors are good so i thought better of a howling dog in the kennel.

Decided on a border terrier instead.


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What do they sing??

"Doe a deer" or something similar from the Sound of Music.

Never heard a problem with them like that before but there are a lot of inbreads here in the UK. Both owners and dogs :evil:



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I can only go on what i was told by some one on guntrader that had one, He said it would just howl at home for no reason.
I did not know much about the breed although t have seen a couple and just asked someone who had one at the time i was looking for a new dog, very nice dogs that they are i decided not to risk owning a dog that had to spend 4 hrs a day in the kennel IF it was going to howl.


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Hi Splash,
I have stalked with Sikamalc a couple of times and know his Bavarian rather well. He sits good as gold in his cage or kennel/run without a single murmur. Bloody good dog on the deer too! :p


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hi splash
every dog will howl/bark if you let it maybe a bit more discipline as a puppy on the noise front could of prevented this.
i don't own a bavarian myself but i do have 4 dogs at home 2 kenneled and to youngsters in the kitchen ,neighbours never hear them only when i or the other half pull on the drive ,