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The Lucky Hunter


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hi tika,
i,ve missed it :oops:
can you tell some of it , like where they were and if it was just about the chase or where the reds were please
it was based on poaching in the midlands and there has been a few reports in the local news leading up to it


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hi swampy/stone.
it was at various spots herefordshire/warwickshire/shropshire showed local keepers/police getting together and going on night watch,you my find it on the net shows called inside out it may be headed something to do with wheel clamping,that was on first.werent on the chase.


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hi tika
you were right it was not on the chase as i first thought , but from what i hav been told the a lot of it took place on a big estate ,shan,t name the estate for personel reasons as we shoot on neighbouring ground and the reds were filmed in a park but waiting for info on which park, shame i missed it , as it was quite good , i was told but hoping to get a recording of it to watch at my leisure, but poaching is a big problem and it is good that it has some air time may be the problem will get properly addressed and with the help needed to battle it , they did it for salmon poaching in the eighties on the wye where i was brought up
kind regards stone
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