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Hi folks
Social media is a powerful thing
Bert Burnett of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association has been posting on the BBC Springwatch page pictures of bird life etc & that they were taken on game keepered estates ..... Can you please take a moment to find his pictures / comments & like them or add your own & comments
Please no militant or abuse let's keep it civil but use social media to our advantage & make the general public / BBC sit up & take note

It's about time we as a shooting community fought back & this is a good way


Jim xyz

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I too loathe Facebook and until recently would have nothing to do with it but having accepted a contract that was going to see me working overseas for a while my wife talked me into it purely for keeping in touch with friends and family. It took about 10 mins, I set up a new email address especially for it and registered under an alias so hopefully the average Joe won't be able to link me to it.

In 10 months I've made 2 comments but I do get to keep up with family news, it also gives me the ability to do things like leave positive comments about field sports and rural issues on places like the Springwatch page.

The majority of people who enjoy field sports are probably the type of people who will proudly say that they wouldn't even know how to find Facebook on the internet. That's all well and good but big businesses and politicians don't employ people to manage their social media profiles for nothing. The light is on and burning bright for the masses and anyone who's tried to talk to someone under the age of 30 in the last few years should know that unless you do it via a screen of some sort they're not interested.

If we want to spread the word on the positives of shooting and field sports then we need to spend 10 mins setting up an account and then use it guide opinion our way. Otherwise the world will move on and we'll find that we go unheard and ignored and in the end the antis will get their way.

So next time the weather puts paid to a planned stalk spend 10 mins setting up an account and maybe another 10 mins spreading the word about the things you enjoy.


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I was the same Jim ... Thought it was for peadophiles & identity thieves but when self employed it allowed me to keep in touch real time with colleagues & get work as it came on the go
I now realise that social media is where a lot of the fight to educate Joe public in what we do & why ....
Luckily there are folks like the pace brothers & our shooting organisations on social media fighting to keep our rights alive



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If you are on Facebookpage, please have a look at Chris Packham's page and dislike his posts about grouse shooting, gamekeepers etc.
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It's not so much the difficulties joining that put me off (I was a member at one time) but rather the endless stream of pointless, time-wasting e-mails & correspondence that tied me to screens for even longer than I need to with work, which is already more than enough.

Wait till you see how complicated it is to leave Facebook.