BDS Butchery Demonstration

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Rob Mac

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I went down to The Tunnel pub just outside Cirencester last night for a BDS Butchery Demonstration. As per usual, it was really worthwhile, well organised and really good value for money at £7.50.

Thanks to Mike, Nigel and the expert butcher who's name I didn't get. I know there have been articles written recently about what the BDS do for its members - it's nights like this that help to remind us about while membership is worthwhile.


Dave Stretton the deer park manager from Donny is always good to watch at the Gamefairs.

I think he even does an instructional CD, if that's what you need. I know he sells a lot of deer handling and prep kit.


Dave also does a demo for the bds branch up at his place every year. Well worth attending.
He took us into the park one year, which is inside the Donnington racing circuit. The Superbike meeting was on and someone had blocked his usual entrance gate with a truck, so we went through the pit lane gate.
A line of 4 wd's with blokes looking out at the bike racers, thinking 'dodgy looking lot' , with lots of bikers looking at the gear the guys in the 4 wd's were wearing , thinking 'dodgy looking lot'
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