BDS Highland Branch Range Day


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After a long time not being able to get up to Scotland, we had a great week last week and enjoyed fantastic weather.
Last weekend we attended the BDS Highland Branch range day at Cawdor and what a great day it was. Being the first one for ages, the turnout was good with existing members being able to catch up again, but also a number of new members attending for the first time. The day was relaxed and well run and it was especially good to see how welcome the new members were made to feel by all concerned. Members were very helpful with those who hadn't shot much (if any) in the past and it was clear to see they had fun and will be back.
I unfortunately couldn't stay for the comp this weekend but by all accounts it was just as successful, fun and lighthearted. So hats off to those concerned in organising and making everyone welcome.
I'd have no hesitation in recommending these range days offered by the BDS as a great way to meet up, gain knowledge and have an all round good time.


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Cheers Jim, the Summer Competition on Saturday was just as good, plus we had a barbie with Sika loin, venison burgers and bangers. Being gannet I ate too much. 😂
The competition was keen and testing. Shooting at a DMQ roe target with no visible aiming point, the shooters were shown the aiming point before hand (in line with the centreline of the lower front leg and a third up the body). Scoring done by using a template. The aim being to get stalkers to learn to shoot deer in the correct place for a high heart shoot, not as per the DMQ target kill ring. It proved to be a challenge for even the most experienced.
It all bodes well for a good season of Highland Branch shoot days.