BDS lack of reaction

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When I found out about the f&m outbreak, I booted up the computer to find out more and see how it would effect my stalking.

Nothing on the BDS site on Saturday, nothing on SUnday, nothing on Monday and nothing so far today. Aren't they supposed to be the UK's largest and most 'important' deer management body? Aren't they supposed to lead the way. If I've misunderstood and the BDS aren't supposed to inform stalkers on the pressing issues then I apologise. I know they were very good at taking my money until I cancelled my membership this year.

I'll just keep using this site for the latest news. Keep up the good work!
The BDS web site does have information on it's home page. If you look toards the bottom of the page, it's there(left hand column, under FMD). It is easily visible & it was there yesterday.


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I like you thought BDS should be leading the way with this for stalkers so I emailed them on Saturday. I received a polite email first thing on monday morning pointing out that there is FMD info on a radio buton on the bottom left hand side of their front page.



I admit I was wrong. As Deertracker has pointed out there is information on the BDS site about f&m.

It is on the homepage, but in my rush, just clicked on the 'NEWS' tab along the top, where you'd expect to find news and there was nothing. It's located elsewhere - I stand corrected, although you'd expect to find news in the news section! However, it would be interesting to know when this info was posted on the BDS site.

Anyone out there work for the BDS?
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