BDS Range Day


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[h=2]BDS NW Range Day[/h]Range Day Sunday 14th

Two ranges for you! The usual 100 zero, but also 150 and, if we can manage it a 200 yard range.

Rather than just punching paper, this is a chance to zero yourself. So bring your full kit to lie in the most uncomfortable way possible, yet still hit manage good groups.

10am - 3pm, Grayrigg, Cumbria LA8 9BU

Take A685, left at the church if coming from the south, right if from the north. Follow the road until you see us.

You can come even if not a BDS member, as long as you are BASC, NGO or other affiliate member and you don't mind being asked to join BDS!

Requirements: FAC, Deer Legal Rifle / ammunition, ear defenders, sticks, membership of above listed organisations. £10 to spend as long as you like at the zero, other competitions and challenges may be available

Contact details for the secretary if you have any questions and other events at


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Go to BDS website & check out the page for the Branch in your area. There are contact details of who to contact. Each Branch does it slightly differently.

See "about us" then " local branches"


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Not a member pal but saw yours was open to basc memebers so thought I’d see if Theresa some local to me
Monmouth is the local BDS one to you. I guess it depends on your definition of local. I am up on the hill ten miles the other side of Gloucester but go over to Monmouth range two or three times a month.

The BDS West Branch, which includes you and me in Gloucestershire, did have a couple of days at the Greensleeves range along from Bishops Cleeve, but for some reason that arrangement fell through.

Monmouth is actually nearer the centre of the West Branch area I gather.

Maybe see you there on the 25.