Beaters wages


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Can I get an average of beaters wages this year?
The owner of the shoot who is the biggest to$$er ever has decided that the wages will go down this year to £25


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the beaters around here get anything from
£0 and a lunch ,to £30 and a drop of soup at lunch
​depends on what type of shoot there on


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My beaters get £30 a day plus as many pheasants as they like, also free shooting in January.



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Just back from beating on the pheasants and was paid £40. Get the same on the grouse.

Remember and tell the tax man!


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We get coffee/tea a sausage roll and cake at half time and a fantastic 3 course meal at the end of the day + a brace or two depending on the bag. No money though.


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Get yourself couple of dogs, I get £45 to £70 depending on estate picking up , soup and use of estate landrover.

norma 308

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My beaters get a tenner plenty of food and drink soup pasties and birds if they want .also beaters day a walk round on the 1st feb and as many fallow and muntjac as they can shoot :D


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I think it's about time for a national strike by all beaters.
It's bloody disgusting that they think that because we love the sport they can take the pi$$.
She says she can get as many beaters as she likes from the syndicate she's in. Honestly, f**k her, it's not that much of a shoot and I just do it as my best friends the keeper and I don't need the money.


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I do it for free on some shoots as a favour, on another £25 plus a brace.

It is what it is, not a form of employment.


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We get between 35 and 45 pound around here. One grouse moor I know are paying 80 quid and the tax for picking up.