Beef jerky (food dehydrator)


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Hi all just see what you use to make your jerky looking to buy a food dehydrator. Any suggestions

I have used my over before with the door open but not the best.

Thanks Kris

Ned S

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Never used à dehydrator before - I make a lot of beef Biltong which is really easy and just needs a dry place with a light breeze to dry it. Love jerky though.


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I have a dehydrator, it cost me about £200 I can make about 3 roe haunches worth of Jerky in 4 hours unless I marinade it overnight. It took a little trial and error to get right and sometimes it over dries it and you end up with venison crisps. When you get it right though it is delicious, I have also used it to dehydrate wild mushrooms, which I then use like porcini for risotto's etc. and for Fruit leather which is lovely.


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+! for NEDS,

I just did two fallow haunch in the attic with both velux windows open so there was a nice breeze. It takes a bit longer, but will save you £200!



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I bought a small one on ebay for £30 it would fit a roe deer haunch in once diced its amazing how often you will use it for different things

Monkey Spanker

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I made one out of a bedside locker and a 40W light bulb. You can borrow it if you like - and I've got some Biltong spice mix!


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Got to this thread a bit late but here's what I do. Hang the meat up in the wardrobe. OK where I am we have the aircon on all day and that keeps it cool (18 - 20 degrees) and also removes moisture from the air. When I was in Kuwait that was all that was required. Now back in Oman flies can be a problem so some sort of screen/mesh is in order. My main observation from this is that it is not so much about the heat, more about getting the moisture out. (we get 90% + humidity here for at least half the year). No venison hereabouts so decent topside of beef has to suffice
Have experimented with various homemade potions but I got a tub of Freddie Hirsh Seasoning in the UK. Good gear (no affiliation BTW)
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