Been playing ..


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The recent glass etching topic has revived my interest in it.
I`ve produced these lately and have a Roe Buck in progress which hopefully I`ll get time to finish today.



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To sort out the reflections when photographing glass hide behind a sheet of black card or felt with a small lens-size hole cut out & shoot through that.

Nice work, by the way!


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Must admit to doing some the easy way, as I'm not artistic at all. Cut a masking film on a vinyl cutter, apply to glass, shot blast gently and then remove masking film. hey presto, one etching :thumb:


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Very nice. I like the Roe buck, are you selling them or just doing them for yourself?
I am contemplating selling some Eldon though I`m not sure how I can pack them to post or what the post would cost.
As I get time I`ll knock some up then maybe one month I`ll sort trade membership with Admin and then see what happens.