Beginner stalk

magnificent 7

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A bloody good walk a missed fox by me and a chance to get to have a chat great weather great company shame the deer weren't playing but we will get you one for certain next time if it was that easy it wouldnt be fun


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It's in the write ups section under first stalk, I think. I don't know how to post it in here bud.
What a legend! Cost him nothing, but could introduce a new shooter to the experience. Good man.
I've been trying to find someone willing to show me the ropes in South Glos for a while, but any contacts I've made have fallen through.


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Good for you to offer this. I've taken out a few of my pals for their 1st buck etc. Just as enjoyable taken them as it is to stalk myself.


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Great offer from the OP, for us guys living a little away from any stalking ground (north wales coast) offers like that are few and far between, well done that man 👌🏻