Belated Christmas present from the deer gods!


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What a great day. Turned up at the farm around 1330hrs and had only been walking 2 mins when i saw a ginger dash in the distance. Jumping into the prone position up against a fence I started a natural call on the back of my hand and in he came! Had to stop him at around 100m where he received the good news. Turned out to be a good size dog fox in the end. 10 mins later I was exiting a gate when another one was walking down the hedgerow towards me, this time it was charlie's turn to get one up on me. Our eyes locked and he did a 180 in seconds.

30 mins later I spotted 3 mature Fallow Bucks sunning themselves, unfortunately well over the border. It was a privilege to sit back and watch them for a while before they eventually got up and started heading my way, I could believe it! The light was fading fast so I popped the red dot on and started judging distance as my range finder was in the truck. As the Bucks closed I picked up the best broad side shot which was around 180m at this point and sent a round down range. The 150 grain 30 cal SST slammed home and the Buck ran 5m and dropped. On inspection the top side of the heart had been clipped (good shooting Tex!). Although another shot presented itself I declined as I knew a drag was on the cards due to the terrain issues. The farmer had reported seeing this beasts venturing down to his hay supplies, guess the cold is starting to move them around now.

I must say some of the best stalking days are when you are alone. Sure, the work after is hard graph but thats the memories for you.
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I agree mate, some of the best days I've had, I have been on my own just watching the countryside,

good un on getting old Charlie and the fallow,



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Well done, lovely buck. I'd love to get a good buck some day. Most of them in my area never get to an age to have a good head so for that reason i never take a buck, with hope that some day that he will be the one.


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Topper of a buck, well done, Know what you mean about dragging some of those bucks about, especially when on your own.