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For Sale: Bell and Carlson and Laminated thumbhole stocks for Rem700 and CZ


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Laminated thumbhole Stock for CZ action

In order to get a rifle I wanted I had to buy these as part of the deal (along with another load of stuff too:( ) So anyway here you go. If I had a CZ in any of the flavours the thumbhole would fit I would keep it but I really need to get out from under them.

Bell and Carlson A2 'F' Class stock Remmington 700 short action bull barrel synthetic stock. Aluminium bed and in very good condition with no noticeable nicks, dings or bings in it.
£175 to include postage anywhere in the UK


CZ 455-452-453 laminate thumhole stock for bull barrel action.
I generally don't like laminate stocks but I have to admit that this one is quite attractive. In very good condition as can be seen from the photographs again no nicks or dings in it.
£150 posted securely anywhere in the UK. This is a nice stock.


Now, this is the first time I have offered anything for sale on this forum but I enjoy a good reputation on a couple of shooting forums and I always pack things well and send a note of the tracking number to the buyer. These belong to me personally and are offered for sale as such.
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