Sold: Benelli M3 Super 90 7+1 (FAC) 12g 26” barrel


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Decided to rationalise the cabinets before renewal, and keep the wife off my back! This is my Benelli M3 super 90. It’s a FAC rated 8 shot combined semi auto / pump action.....A simple twist of the ring cycles the gun between semi automatic mode and pump mode. The idea being that anything that doesn’t cycle the inertia driven ejection system can be ejected via the pump action. To be fair I’ve shot everything from 24g to slugs through it with no need to revert to pump mode....I think it’s was specifically designed to cycle been bags and rubber bullets in a tactical environment, but obviously I haven’t been able to test this theory!

I bought it in pretty much as new condition about 3 years ago, and to be honest haven’t used it as much as I anticipated, a case of to many guns and not enough time. Condition wise I would say a good 9/10, but happy to send any pictures etc on request.

Come’s with pistol grip and standard stock, 3 extended Teague chokes, and a std choke.

This lot would set you back about £2k at today’s prices, I’m looking for £795 including transferto RFD of your choice.

95513C78-F7EB-48F8-A84B-687B9EC1879A.jpeg B2FAEF7B-ED2D-45A3-844F-E5B7685C0A67.jpeg D18150EB-C71A-47FA-93C2-9877DC2C95C0.jpeg 771D17C6-4E1F-4C43-AD63-73A92B97C5F3.jpeg
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