Benifits of being in a syndicate


Hi, I have been a deer stalker for 15 years which extended from shotgun rough and driven pheasant & partridge shooting that I still participate in, I live in South Wales Nr Cardiff.
I have joined some syndicates groups to get out regularly as possibly and is great to meet and learn from experienced & knowledgeable stalkers, in the following areas- Scotland (Argyle & Bute area) for Reds, Hampshire - Roe, Fallow & muntjac, Somerset - Roe, Fallow & seen the odd Sika.
In this time, I've had a few trips abroad, SA 3 times, Europe - wild boar and in 2020 Romania for a big Red stag which I was lucky enough to hunt after 4 tought days hard hunting.
Hoping to share similar experiences with the like minded 👍