Bandit Country

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If you have a look at the M&S thread you can see how well he is keeping in the photos that Stone has posted. He looked pretty healthy the last time I saw him...... :lol:


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I spoke to him today, apart from the fact he is knackered, he is doing well. ;)

Think he was arranging next years do :eek:



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hi basil
beo is doing fine
lots of members on this site and CFUK are in regular contact with him, the bugger has even shot more deer of my ground this year, than i hav


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Ah Beo,
well he's big, ugly, and looks like the bad guy from Popeye, same as ever you might say. :lol:
marched with him at the weekend, couldn't believe how fast he was on his feet, for a dinosaur. Can be reached on CFUK, seems happy there :D .
Kind regards,
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