Beretta Ferret boots vs meindl Drover extreme's

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I'm looking for a new pair of boot's and love my meindl's but they have seen better days so i'm looking for a new pair of boots and have seen the new Beretta Ferret boot's.

Has anybody had any experiance of the Beretta's? Build quality comfort etc?



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Meindl every time - the quality can't be beaten. I wore their combat boots as a soldier, and wear the Glockner and Douvre Extremes for shooting.


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the ferrrets are the deffintion of sh1t dad bought a pair, it took him 3 outings foxing to break them, buy meindl youl never look back i have glockners but my next pair will be dovre extremes well worth the price, i won my glockners btw in a raffle whahey :D


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Bit of a highjack but my meindl boots have died and I was looking at either the meindl antarktis or the Blackislander/Diotto no scratch boot has anyone used either ? they are both priced simular.



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depending on how much u want to spend there is always chiruca boa

had 6 pairs on trial in deeside (scotland)when in amongst the hinds all have had great reviews.

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