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Sold: Beretta St James Tweed Breeks - Brand New with Tags - Size 34

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[FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]Beretta St James Tweed Breeks In Size 34, Herringbone Prairie Green. Brand New wIth tags. Looking for £55[/FONT][/FONT]

[FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]Blurb; [/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]Traditional Knee clasp. Hip flap back pockets with Amaretta™ details, Teflon Water Repellant treatment. [/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]A lIne devoted to those who enjoy driven hunts, for pheasant and red partridges. The line was created thanks to the experience of the Beretta Gallery on St. James Street in London and retains the name and the exclusivity of the materials used, as well as it’s manufacturing traditions.[/FONT][/FONT]

[FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]Never even tried on, mint condition. Will post for the asking price.


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