berreta 686 ou .410


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It’s a Beretta. It’ll be bombproof, balanced and lovely. There’s a reason they’re as popular as they are. The 680 series action has been around for a very long time time, with a vast number of sporters, game guns and competition guns, to say nothing of the bling end of the mass market.

As far as I can remember the action frame is shared with the 28. (The EELL combinations are 410 and 28)

I love my .410 for game shooting. I use Eley 18 g 5s through a Yildiz side by side with 3/4 chokes in both barrels. The pattern is pretty small, but it’s all or nothing. It kills pretty effectively out to 35 yards.


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Beretta silver pigeon has 3 action sizes, one shared between the 410 and 28 the other is for the 20 and the larger size for the 12


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they do, but its over weight even for a 28


Whether that’s a good or a bad thing would be the next question

First time I shot game with a .410 someone very kindly lent me his Blaser competition clay gun. It had interchangeable barrels. The gun felt the same as a 12bore to shoot, and at no time did I really have to think beyond simply putting the gun to the bird and killing it. I shot 14 for 22 that day, with three right and lefts.

The heavier gun meant it was smooth and fluid to swing, and it taught me that the calibre is perfectly capable of killing effectively.

As for pattern, here’s a photo of me shooting a 19g 6 through my Yildiz side by side. It gives a good idea of what the pattern is like through a 3/4 choke.