best 22lr on the market


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Hi I'm looking to get a lightweight .22lr. At the moment I'm running a cz452 varmint with a photon.
It's heavy and I don't rate it. I'm use to an old anschutz and compare it to that.
What can you guys recommend me as I do walk long distances at night with it.
Regards Dan

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bolt action
short barrel 12"
Weirauch Mod
placcy stock

mine weighs nothing now

CZ bolt actions dont normally fail or falter
whats wrong with it?


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Nothing wrong with it at all. I just fancy a change.
Something lighter. Not much stock in my local shops to look at

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Browning BL-22 with a 2-7x32mm Burris or Nikon.
My choice too. A Ruger 10/22 is lighter but no where near as accurate or well made. The short (33 degree) action lever action will impress you and it's build quality keep you enamoured for life, whereas a cheaply made semi auto's shine wears off real fast.
15 fast accurate shots in LR and 22 shorts. You cannot go wrong with a Browning BL-22.


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Anschutz 1417. Light, accurate, sublime trigger, faultless engineering, and retains its value.


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I really can't see what's heavy on a Cz .22lr ?!

You do say it's a varmint ... But still I have a Cz American ( left handed) cut down to a useable length & it's as light as .



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It may be a silly question but how heavy is the optic set up? I have no experience but it might be some of the problem?


Rupert J

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I've recently bought an Anschutz 1417 which is absolutely superb especially as it has a thumbhole stock. I am delighted by its accuracy and the general feel and quality of it. I'd never have anything else (it's my 3rd Anschutz).


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Anyone come across one of the Lithgow 22s yet? There's one on GunTrader for about a grand but I haven't seen it in the shops yet. The company blurb makes it look a good un but that's their job.

Hornet 6

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CZ 452 American for me, short as possible, decent trigger and bedded, accurate as can be.

I notice a lot of Annie votes, well I have been there and tried the 64 action, not as nice to use
as the CZ, a 54 may be nice, but the CZ 452 really does take some beating.

Neil. :)


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Heavy is a comparative term. It will be defined differently by everyone you ask. My 452 (varmint) does not feel heavy to me and I really do appreciate the 'extra' weight in the barrel when out in anything other than a flat calm and taking standing shots. Horses for courses IMHO. Others will disagree.