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Why 4*4?? I find a ford galaxy with all the seats out can take loads of deer. The wing mirror is just at the right height to rest on, and when shooting of the side of the road it causes less suspicion!!!

Subaru forester!!


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Whatever will reliably get you out of the mud without breaking down.

There is no absolute answer....only ones that i definately wouldn't own. If i could only have one and would have to own it for the rest of my days then i'd have a Pinzgauer. Certainly not everyone's idea but have used them in anger and really respect them.


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in the last 15 years i have two defenders two discos and a freelander .ok i lost all reason on the freelander ,buy still got five fallow and a fat friend into it .as a shoot wagon the defender is king i once had 17 sika a dog and a well known gun dealer in mine one day ,it was a 90 too ,but next time its a twin cab


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The best 4x4 ever made is the Merc Unimog. It is literally unstoppable. On a more realistic level, the best 4x4 ever made for day-to-day use is the LR Defender 90. I run both, plus 2 x Td5 Discos, a Mitsu L200 (a big horrible barge) and a variety of ATVs. Living and working in farming, I have owned and driven most 4x4s, and Land Rover reigns supreme if you need actual off-road ability.

Anything with optional 4x4 or leaf-spring suspension is inferior, in my opinion.


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It's horses for courses, if you are in a working environment like Baldrick then he has outlined what you need perfectly. If you are looking to use it as a daily runabout and your stalking vehicle you maybe do not have to be so hardcore.

Me, I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee, they have as much ground clearance as a land rover, but they do not sit on a huge sub frame so actually look as if they do not but they do. In order to give it a bit more lift in the sill area I have put a 2 inch lift kit on it and have 31" diameter mud terrain tyres, which give it greater ground clearance as well as a bit of a lift. I go in the same places that I used to go in my previous land rovers and it does fine. I take my quad for the really bad places. There again some of the lightweight Suzuki's are fantastic off road. No matter what vehicle you want to go off road, IMHO you need to have the right tyres, all terrains at least, and you need to know a bit about driving off road. I do hope that has not ruffled feathers :eek:


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Stalking/ everyday vehicle.

My last vehicle was a 1.6 16 valve Suzuki Vitara hardtop. Excellent little reliable offroader but limited on space, although I once got 3 yearling Red Stags, 2 Roe Bucks and a Muntjac Buck in the back!! :eek: The wheels scrubbed the arches but my 18 stone mate in the front pushed the front end down a bit luckily. My headlights were a little high on the way home too! : :lol: Still miss it! :cry:
I now have a Nissan X Trail which is awesome! Loads of room and a 2.2 Turbo diesel engine with 136 BHP. Best bit is it drives like a car for normal road use with 3 push buttons on the dash to select between 2WD, Auto and Diff lock. Fuel consumption is brilliant with up to 47 mpg on a run apparently. Standard tyres are crap though and nearly got me into trouble when I first got it as they were almost bald too! Stuck some General Grabber AT2's on it and it now goes virtually anywhere. Not a serious offroader admittedly, but if it is your only vehicle and you do most mileage on the road it is perfect! Very comfortable family car ( if they don't mind ticks and Keds!) and tows well too. Loads of gadgets as well!
Worth a look definitely. :D

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Have a look at the older Discoveries - it seems as if they can't be given away.

A friend picked up a 12 year old 3 door one for £600 a few months ago. Daily used to tow feed trailer to his free range chickens and a large trailer with pigs to the abbatoir. He swears buy it - comfortable with leather seats (he is 6ft 4) and 1/3 the price of Defender of simialr vintage and mileage. A cheaper than having a new clutch put into his old Isuzu.

And if it does after a year he will just get anohter one.


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Probably a bit biased but it's got to be Land rovers for me bit like a busmans holiday I see enough of them all day :confused:
BUT a keeper friend of mine used to run a K plate long wheel base Shogun also it has a massive sunroof which is an ideal shooting platform when foxing, 360 degree shooting rest.
All that said you MUST have the appropriate tyres and know what your doing off road



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Has Duncs said Why 4x4
Used a metro before now dogs shooting gear plus two big blokes over some bad ground, only complaints from the garage had to get the half enders out of the suspension fore the MOT,
and from her in doors(her car :evil: ).


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An old range Rover Classic does for me previous to that series 2a landy with a crash box and salsbury axles would go anywhere a tractor would not go :lol:
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