Best Bins For Stalking

Big Yan

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Who can reckomend which Bins to get for stalking I have a pair of Swarvoski 6x32 SLC at the mo but i want to upgrade and suggestions

Pete E

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Big Yan,

Not sure if you're aware, but Swarovski, Leica and Zeiss have recently changed their warranty's on their new products.

Instead of 30 years as on your SLC's, they are now a maximum of 10years, with some, for example as rangefinders, being even shorter.

I quite fancied a pair of the new Swaro EL's but the reduction in the warranty put me off.

When I asked Swarovski whether they would continue to honor the 30 year warranty on my older SLC's, they confirmed they would; its just new products that are affected..




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I have a pair of leica Ultravid HD 8x42 cost a little under £1200 from Uttings, my mate bought a pair of Swarovski SLC 7x42 again from Uttings priced just under £700. My leica is less bulky than the swarovski, but i cant see much difference when looking through both sets when the light is going, where did my extra £500 go on those top of the range leica ? but saying that i wont swap them :D :D :D

Roe Hunter

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I've got the Swaro SLC 7 x 42 and haven't found anything better yet! Looking at Pete E's post, I was lucky enough to get them when the warranty was still 30 yrs! A friend of mine has nothing but praise for their warranty system - he had occasion to send his back after quite a lot of years, and they came back with the fault rectified and having been given a realy good overhaul, looking pristine, and all free of charge to him!


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I have Swarovski 10x42 EL's, can't fault them, the only thing I have found that out perform them is my S&B PM2 3-12x50. I think that Swarovski make one of the best erognomically (Design) shaped, they are slightly moulded to the hand unlike other brands, they are also not overley big.

If I had to buy again, I think I would stick with what I know.

Good luck with your hunt



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Hi Big yan,

Got a pair of 15x56 Geovid's and they are great and there not to bulky. Worht having a lok at, the magnification saves unnecessary walking to get closer to the animal's you spying. plus the raneg finder is useful especially when working out were ut your self for the shot.

they are expensive but in my opinion worth the extra cash.


Monkey Spanker

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Another vote for the Leica Trinovid 8 x 42. They are almost like Night Vision Goggles in poor light! Don't go for too much magnification or you will lose the light gathering capability. 8x or 10x should be all you need. :)


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I have a pair of Zeiss nightowls 7x45, although they do not make this model anymore they have served me well for a great number of years, and work very well in low light. Not cheap when they were new, about £900 :eek:

Get the best you can buy when it comes to bino's you will only need to buy them once.


Lieca tr ins the best around bin and i agree don't go to high mag for me its got to be no higher than 8 keep you rifle similar and you have the same pictures no big shocks like when a i had a 12 x Carl zeiss bins and a 4x40 wide angle television picture scope :lol: You spotted the deer looked nice and close then up and down with the rifle no chance at a shot :eek:


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Leica 8x50mm for me. Great low-light performance, but they weigh a tonne ...

Like many people, I have followed the "law of three" when buying bins. This states:

All stalkers will buy three pairs of binoculars in their lifetimes ... the cheap nasty pair, the slightly better pair and then the expensive pair that they should have got in the first place


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Have to agree with the other guys; Leica trinovid 8x42 for all round. I still back them up with a glass on the hill.

As a back up Optolyth are a good budget brand for a third of the price of the best makes.


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Andy L said:
Another vote for 8x42 Kahles!!

Tried Kahles but found them so heavy compared to the Minox HG, if you have the bottle not to follow the rest of the flock have a look a either Minox HG or the Steiner’s the only thing you will be giving away is the name on the front.

Best rgds



I don't think i would risk it for 700 notes Kevin but i am always willing to try them out do you think i could get a set to use for a couple of months so as to make up my mind i did with the leica and only paid 550 for them.
Minox they say the right things in there advert ;)


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I use Leica 10x42 Geovids and am very happy with them.

When I was looking for binos I found it very hard to find anywhere that had the various makes/models in stock to have a look through. Some just weren't in stock anywhere.

So if anyone wants a look through the Geovids and they are near Bristol then they are very welcome!


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I use Leica 8x42 Geovids and cannot fault them (weight is possibly the only downside) Their rangefinding ability is superb and the optics match that of my Zeiss binos. Pricy but highly reccomended.