Best bullet .224 for long range vermin


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Hi i know the 75grain amax is a target bullet but works great on vermin in a fast twist.223 rem ,
the problem is were I live they are getting very hard to get, could anyone please recommend a alternative bullet that expands I want to say with high BC bullets.

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Pm replied to.

For clarity, Amax are not classified as expanding, so CAN be posted.

100 left....

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Thanks for your help with 75grain amax but could someone please tell me a alternative
60gr vmax ?

Don't bother with the 77gr smk or Berger as they don't expand at all, I tried them once, and needed to double tap the fox to kill it, head shots are ok, but forget cbm/boiler house kills.

The 69gr ppu bullet works well, I think henry Kranks supply them as components, I've tried them in factory loadings in the 69 and 75gr flavours, and both work well, to the point where I stopped reloading for the fiddly 223 and just use the 75gr ppu for everything now.

Have you tried the 53gr vmax ? Very good bc for it's weight, and you'll gain by running at a higher velocity.
Do you really need a heavy bullet ? I run the 50gr vmax in my .222, at 3180 fps, and regularly hit vbulls at 600yds, and have confirmed hits at 871yds on a 12" plate.
High bc isn't the be all and end all.....

Anyway, food for thought.



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I found 60grn NOSLER BT's and 60 grn V Max to be very accurate in my .223 out to 400 yds.


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The best long range .224 hunting bullet is the 80 grain Amax, it has very high BC and expands well on small stuff like rabbits, crow etc, would be lethal on fox also. The problem is that you probably wont get any of them either ATM and I wont be sharing my 2k stash either! lol

75 Amax seem to be plenty full now, why can you get any ??


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The Sierra 69gr SMK's are pretty good at killing magpies we don't have foxes here, a friend in the US swears by them for any varmints


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75 a max,readily available mail order.

60 grn v max lethal and explosive on feather vermin. Currently little difficult to obtain



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Try hornady 75g bthp match. These should be readily available and hit foxes very hard indeed.