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Ok Europeans, what country in Europe has the best food? Excluding France, what country has the overall best cuisine, not including wine? I’m guessing Italy. If anyone thinks it’s Russia, please don’t bother to reply and seek the help of a good eye, ear, nose and throat MD. ASAP.


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As above, the food in Britain now is top notch and better than France. British produce is far better than anything we import, and to my way of thinking we should all use it, and not the inferior rubbish we import from the other side of the world.

The only other country I have visited who’s food is consistently better, is South Africa, absolutely amazing food.


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I would say Turkish food is very nice, a historic fusion between Western, African and Middle Eastern (obviously you need to go there and spend the money at a good restaurant).

(Waits for someone to equate Turkish food with what they serve down the local kebab shop...) 🤮:rofl:


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During my travels, I have enjoyed some fine Bavarian Cuisine. Loads of tasty meat and good beer, which my taste pallets is well aligned to. I do remember a German breakfast buffet where there was "Salad (non-veg)" displayed on the card. True to word, there was not a piece of any fruit or vegetable in it but plenty of different meat and sea food.


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Apart from personal taste, you can find good, and bad restaurants in every country.

I’ve had fantastic fish/seafood in Egypt, amazing meats, and sushi in Portugal, Eastern Europe, consistently cr*p, France, & Italy consistently very good. Urban Hungary, complete rubbish.


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Canny whack a Portsoy Fash supper....

....served by a dripping lingerie model who had seen you waiting in the queue, dropped her strides and leapt into the harbour wearing a golden thong and some lace, emerged with a flounder gripped in her teeth and presented it for cooking, before sidling over and saying breathily 'anything else I can do for you gramps, before you get taken back to the home'..... :lol:


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Danish and Scandinavian in general is pretty special these days. Mediterranean European food traditions can be a bit snobbish and set in their ways. If it's not how Momma made it it must be rubbish and I refuse to try it. France is a bit like that as well, and you can end up with high end dining and junk food and not much in the middle.
Say what you like about the Brits, but the better element, much as they like their traditional grub, are generally open minded about food and willing to try pretty much anything. As long as the ingredients are seasonal and local, add some imagination and the sky's the limit.
The Scandis have that mindset as well.


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Portuguese cuisine suits me.
I’ve had so many near death experiences in Parisienne restaurants that now I stay away or only eat at McDonalds or KFC.
I don't like those traditional squat crappers they’re so fond of either.


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On a this theme.

Once tried a Korean meal (enticed in by a beautiful girl, truth be told) - utterly dreadful.

Unspeakably dreadful.

European - always enjoy Italian.
Any bad Korean meal can be negated by their donation to the world of Korean Fried Chicken and Kimchi, both amazing.


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Portugal has good food, some regions in Spain have great dishes and as others mentioned, Turkey.

But also Britain, the jokes about British food are so outdated, we can produce some brilliant produce and great meat, I love the modern cuisine but also crave classics like suet puddings, braised beef cheeks, or something as simple as smoked haddock with a poached egg and cheese sauce.

Italy is always raved about but their variety of pasta, tomato, basil soon wears thin and the US does pizza far better than the Italians, no matter what they think.

I was surprised how good the food in Albania was as I didnt know much of their cuisine before going.

Many places have good and bad points so dont think I'm completely dissmissing Italian cuisine as I love a porchetta and in the forum I recently parted from from I posted the results of a homemade Prosciutto I made with a whole pork leg.

I know France was mentioned in the OP but some friends and I recreated Rick Steins French Odyssey trip on the Canal Du Midi and the food we had from town to town was fantastic.

Absolutely love cooking food, watching food tv, food tourism etc, I went to Vietnam just so I could visit a Banh Mi shop (sandwich shop) I seen Anthony Bourdain visit in one of his shows.

Some people go on holiday to go sightseeing, I go for the food.

Is there a section on this forum dedicated to food, I hope so?