best munty this year fox to boot

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hi all

a have been of line as of late due to one thing or another but im sorted now

i went out last week to a farm that had just cut the grass so i was expecting a fox to be mooching.

i got there early and sat at the top of a hill looking out over three fields this is where i spent the evening..

within a hour a brown pacth in the grass got my attention i looked in the bins to find mr fox emerging from the tall grass.

free screenshot

he new it was coming it was just too late as he watched me of load a 70g blitzking

a hour or so passed and nightfall was on its way i could still see well and spotted two deer in the field the first i looked at was a roe a good size too the second was a monster munty

i wasted no time and got into position on my sticks he was around the 100 mark .. i waited till the shot was rite gave a shout and grassed him

omg was i chuffed to bits he was a cracker.. he was still in velvet and i new that before i took the shot .. i no people chose not to take them in this state but im a food hunter and i wanted the meet the heads a bonus

how to do a screenshot on a pc

screenshot tool

this is the skinned head velvet came off with ease so i would have thought he was about ready to shed

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this is him now with a nice potassium finish to his antlers i just need him scored now

free upload

thanks andy


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thanks this munty scored a 60.9 earning a silver cic medal

gold is 61 so missed it by a point of a point.. but i now have the set of three bronze silver gold so well chuffed