Available: BEST OFFER GOES! 1 last place driven wild boar trip to Serbia 17th November 2019


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In all fairness, the highest offer shown given an average 6 boar each means payment of £300 per animal. Well, it could cost you that per animal in the UK, and the trip is organised and includes travel etc. It looks like a great opportunity.
At least ten years ago a friend of mine went on a similar trip to Poland, cost 2k, didn't fire a shot. He shrugged his shoulders and said that's hunting.
As a warm up for such a trip, has anyone tried their luck on a laser range? Use your own gun and practice your swing!
Thanks for your wise comments!

This is a great range use your own gun and fire live rounds at moving targets
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I don`t do trips for dough GM,never have mate,only for friendship and beer ha ha.
But we could work something out.
Na I know you don't do bookings. I was just kidding. I'm partial to the odd pack of Hahn or Carlton dry.
I don't know why but I would really like to shoot a roo. It's on my list of things to do.
The wife and I miss roo steaks. It doesn't taste the same here.