best place for cleaining rod


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I've misplaced my .308 cleaning rod and cant find it anywhere, any suggestions where to get a new one and what do you suggest on type/make?


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I know you've not asked, but my favourite places for finding cleaning-rods are first, behind a bookcase. radiator etc. and second, in a rifle-case where it's been left after a range-trip.
To prevent them faalling behind things, all my cleaning-rods (gun and rifle) stand handle-up, in the corner of wall and bookcase, in the tin tube which used to contain a bottle of whisky. The tin prevents any one of them falling over.

The rifle rods are all Parker-Hale.


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I had a Tipton but now use Dewey. A far better product. Keep it in the safe with your rifles. It won’t get damaged or lost in there.
I disagree. The handles on the Deweys are to small, the ball bearings on the handle are of worse quality than on the Tiptons and, and this is really a laughingstock, they have the wrong thread and need an adaptor to accommodate Dewey's own brushes. :doh:


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I differ from DALUA in that, if yiu can find them, the old red coated A J Parker cleaning rods are superior to the yellow coated Parker Hale rods. Edna Parker used to remark...often as it was her selling point as her coatings were applied as a hot dip or some other more costly process...that at the Imperial Meeting at Bisley you could walk along the firing point a Century Range and find it littered with yellow plastic from shed coatings on P-H rods. Whereas...and it is 100% true...her rods would never shed their coatings. I have had two for near on thirty years now of hers and the coatings are still fully in place. I hang my rods vertically downward from these. I had a box full doing nothing else. But Screw Fix sell new ones. As do B & Q. The rod part passes and the handle sits therefore on the top of it.

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I've misplaced my .308 cleaning rod and cant find it anywhere, any suggestions where to get a new one and what do you suggest on type/make?
My Pro Shot one is in its plastic sleeve leaning up against the gun cabinet.

I have no experience of others, but this one has worked fine for a decade!

Either your local RFD... @1967spud is in Norwhich

or the Game Fair in few days will possibly give you the opportunity to compare a few.



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In response to the thread title...Inserted into Chris packhams bum! He has a filthy mouth that requires a stern cleaning. I’m not sure who you’ll get to do it though!


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I am with Enfield spares using a spring bracket to hold them on the wall next to my cabinet. I have Parker hale, Pro shot and ANO. All woork just fine but I rarely clean my C/F unless I have a big plinking session.



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I’ve got a Pro Shot .270 and above 42inch rod that I don’t use if you want. It’s had no more than half a dozen uses and is now back in its sleeve having been in my cabinet for a while.
Let me know if of interest.

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paul o'

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I use a rifle case that you can store a rod in the spine , thats the place I can norm find it if its not in the gun vice :old: