Best Quad Bike Tyres


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After deciding to keep the quad, what tyres would you recommend?? And would you go oversized??

The land I shoot is very mixed, peat bog to grassy hills. Getting stuck is easy and would like to lessen the amount of time winching out!! :D:D

I will be putting them on a Foreman 500.

Thanks for the help - Ben


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Is there not a limit to wot u can put on the rims/axle?
I was told esp on a 4wd bike it can damage the diffs if u put too wide a tyre on.

norma 308

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BKT wing on my 500 foreman
And at the moment they are ploughing through $$$$ up to,the axles and been on a year used daily and are 25%'worn

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Kenda Executioners certainly get you out of the dodo. A heavy ply rating and so you can go oversize and they do 'fall over' when cornering. I use mine on peat and heavy clay and they work really well.
Ask CSL about negotiating peat:lol: - nice winch but short on sky hooks!


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Executioners are 6 ply rated and so have stiff tyre walls. With 4 ply or less, as you corner; the quad will feel as though it has slipped of the tyres as they aren't stiff - thus making cornering a little more hazardous - 'falling over'