Best raw puppy food (prepared)


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Had a quick search and the only recommended food was nutriment.

Can anybody recommend any other prepared raw puppy foods?

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There’s a place in west wales ammonford I think it is. Used to be called Macs meats. If I can find their new name I will send it across.

I used to get minced chicken carcasses in a 2.5kg slab which the pups loved. 👍


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The only thing I find with pre made raw is the bone content is too high, it’s then when you have to add meat to balance things and manage it to your dog, buy blocks of minced meats but none of them are perfect so I found it easier to do my own which is easy if you buy in bulk blocks or you feed carcasses you shoot but I don’t know your circumstances, just be aware you will end up doing some work to balance the diet for the dog and working on 80-10-10 is a decent base to work from, regards Wayne


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Mine was on natural instinct puppy food then adult, but now we use a local pet shops which is below, however nothing wrong with natural instinct