Best rifle .22-250


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As no one wants my .222 and X sight I'm taking it along with an A-bolt medallion in .22-250 to trade in at glenluce gunroom for a new rifle in for £1200 what is the best rifle off the shelf in .22-250?


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Best 22-250 you can buy ............would be a 6-5 x47, well , fast , flat, very accurate , and only 1mm bigger bullets, just a thought. or for a 22-250 possibly one of the better remi's with a varmint barrel


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What are those bergara rifles like? Look superb, but are they cheap and nasty?
The one I witnessed in 243 shot fantastic but didnt feed buillits very well and i dont like drop plate mags

This is what happened on a miss feed on a 243 soft point.

2016-08-16 10.14.07.jpg